If you think that a cardboard box

can’t carry 1000 liters of liquid

– then think again

It might seem almost unbelievable that you could carry liquid products in a cardboard box. But that's exactly what Farusa offers.
To transport 1000 liters of liquid products you need a very special construction of the box. This is due to the movements of the liquid and the resulting pressure this creates on the packaging. A liquid container in Heavy Duty cardboard combines several types of box constructions in one solution that is equipped with an inner liner in which the liquid products can be pumped directly. See pictures on this page.
A sustainable alternative
Our liquid containers in Heavy Duty cardboard replace other liquid containers such as IBC containers and steel tanks that are both heavy and demanding to return. We primarily recommend our liquid containers for long distance transport, where they are a lighter and environmentally friendly alternative – that can also be stacked in a sea container.
If you want to know more about Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard, you can contact us on +45 4434 0999 or at emballage@farusa.dk. We can meet digitally or in person, depending on what suits you best.