Who said rust protection is

difficult and time consuming?

Not us.

Traditional rust protection with, for example, oil is a very slow process. The product has to be lubricated with oil, and after delivery the oil must be removed again with solvents before the product can be mounted. Farusa offers some much simpler solutions – e.g. VCI plastic foil that is quickly wrapped around the product and immediately begins to protect. When the product is unpacked again, it is ready for use or assembly. Read more below.
Read more about all our innovative packaging solutions below.

VCI film / The easiest way to protect against corrosion

VCI film is primarily used for machine parts and spare parts, but can also be used to protect entire electrical cabinets etc.

Available in rolls of 1 m, 1,5 m, 2 m and 4 m in width.

VCI foam pad

The VCI foam pad can be used in combination with the VCI film to strengthen the anti-corrosive effect.

Available in the size 250 x 250 x 6 mm.

VCI paper

VCI paper is primarily used for smaller metal products that need to be packed individually.

Available in rolls of 1 x 100 m or sheets of 760 x 1140 mm and 760 x 570 mm – all are 72 g/m2.

VCI capsules

These effective capsules are most often used inside electrical cabinets and protect for up to 2 years! The capsules are well tested and use does not result in electrical power failure or damage to the cabinet components.

Available in 2 sizes, which protect 140 liters and 280 liters respectively.

Aluminum bags

When shipping electrical panels and other corosive-sensitive products to destinations with high humidity, you can use the tailor-made aluminum bags and desiccant bags.

This packing method ensures a completely moisture-free shipment, and the product is immediately ready for use upon arrival at your customer. The bags are always made to your measurements and delivered in many different qualities – all depending on your packing method and mode of transport.

The aluminum bags are closed using a welding machine. We sell welding machines in two sizes: 300 mm and 400 mm wide.

Dydrargil desiccant

Dydrargil is primarily used to create a dry and moisture-free environment in aluminum bags. The desiccant is available in bags of different sizes, so the amount can be easily adapted to the length of transport.

The bags are 100% free of sodium chloride (salt) and meet DIN standard 55.473.