We increase the security

and decrease the temperature.

Farusa offers you an attractive combination of strong cardboard boxes combined with efficient thermal-boxes and cooling / freezing elements.

You get two advantages in one innovative solution: A strong cardboard packaging protects your product from the outside, and an efficient thermal-box / Cool-box keeps your product at the right temperature – all the way to its final destination:

  • Thermal-boxes / Cool-boxes: Boxes in very high quality and density which provide better protection for your products – even if it takes several days for the box to arrive. See an overview of our stocked thermal-boxes / cool-boxes at the bottom of the page.

If you have special wishes or needs for a thermal-box / cool-box, we can design a solution for you. For example, we have previously designed and delivered a cool-box to Statens Serum Institut (Denmark) and WHO. We have also designed and delivered an 80 mm thick thermal-box for Novo Nordisk. Novo’s dry ice thermal-box had to maintain the desired temperature for a full 7 days (168 hours) with an incredible 45 plus degrees in the outside temperature. This solution can also be used for shipments of Covid-19 vaccines on dry ice!

In addition, we design combination packaging, which contains a thermal-box / cool-box and a transport-safe Heavy Duty cardboard box, whereby the box can be sent all over the world – without the product being damaged. The solution can either be delivered separately or combined, i.e. where we pack the thermal-box into the cardboard box, so you just have to fill your product in the box and send it!

  • Cooling and freezing elements: Highly efficient cooling and freezing bag system based on water-filled foam. Can be frozen to -50 degrees and maintain the temperature for several days (63 hours).

To add extra security to your refrigeration products for long-distance shipments, you can combine our thermal-boxes and cooling / freezing elements with a Heavy Duty cardboard packaging.

If you want to know more about our thermal-boxes and cool-boxes, you can contact us on +45 4434 0999 or at We can meet digitally or in person, depending on what suits you best.

Read more about all our innovative packaging solutions below.

Thermo boxes

We have developed new large thermal boxes for e.g. Statens Serum Institut (Denmark) and Novo Nordisk A/S – tasks that were primarily characterized by extremely long shipping times (up to 7 days) with a constant outdoor temperature of +45 °C.

At the bottom of this page you will find an overview of thermo boxes that we have in stock.

Refrigerating and freezing elements

We have a new, super efficient refrigerating / freezing system in stock. It is based on water-filled cellular plastics in 500 and 1000 ml sizes. It extends the cooling time considerably and thereby secures your shipments. It can be frozen to -50 °C for several days – without the use of dry ice or electricity!

Remember that the freezing time is minimum 48 hours for the refrigerating elements!

For all sizes of cooling boxes, we can offer cardboard boxes, so that the cooling box can be optimally protected during long transports. Delivery time for both cooling boxes and cardboard boxes is approx. 1-3 days from stock.


Cooling boxes
* 2001638A is an elevating intermediate ring that can make the 52 liter cooler box taller and thus increase the volume by 15 liters. Up to 2 intermediate rings can be used for each box, if it is to fit into the shipping box.