We are almost 100 years old

– but we are still in good shape.

20s and 30s
Thorkil Hammer managed to borrow 200 kroner (a large sum at that time) from his future mother-in-law in order to register his own company with the magistrate in Copenhagen: 'Thorkil Hammer A/S'.
Thorkil and Kamma Hammer move the company to Savværksvej in Farum and change their name to 'Farum Savværk og Pakkassefabrik A/S'. The production consists of wooden packaging for sugar and chocolate factories and for railway sleepers.

40s and 50s
During the war, large quantities of generator fuel for trucks and taxis were produced.
We moved to Frederiksborgvej in Farum.
The production consists primarily of wooden crates for beer and mineral water for the breweries.

‘Farum Savværk og Pakkassefabrik A/S’ produce 90% of the Danish breweries' wooden boxes, i.e. approximately 1 million wooden boxes a year!
The breweries begin to use plastic boxes. We reorganize the production, and for a number of years we produce both wooden boxes and plastic boxes.
At this point, we are starting to manufacture packaging in Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard.
Per and Ole Hammer take over the management after their father's death.

The company starts making frisbees – one of the big sports crazes of its time.
We change our name to ‘Farusa Værk A/S’ by merging ‘Farum Savværk’ and ‘Pakkassefabrik A/S’. And we celebrate our 50th anniversary.
We develop a new type of air freight packaging for dangerous goods.

80s and 90s
We now specialize 100% in export packaging – especially the very strong corrugated cardboard (2 and 3 layers of fluting) that is processed in Farum.
The third generation – Arne Hammer – takes over and we celebrate our 75th anniversary. Per and Ole Hammer retire.


Farusa is a nearly 100-year-old company founded by Thorkil Hammer

Read the story of how the company Thorkil Hammer A/S became Farusa Emballage A/S.
Farusa is being modernized with new production equipment, new trucks and renovation of the historic buildings.
We rebuild the premises to further streamline and modernize production and the warehouse. We are met with an increasing demand for Heavy Duty packaging – partly due to changed export rules for wood exported to China, USA and Australia etc.
The efforts in Scandinavia are strengthened by the establishment of the sister company ‘Farusa Emballage AB’ in Sweden – the goal is to become the leading manufacturer of Heavy Duty. New products are being developed, such as the brand new 4GV-approved dangerous goods packaging. Farusa is certified in accordance with the ISPM 15 rules, which apply to the export of wooden packaging.
Our very strong aircraft instrument packaging is tested and approved according to ATA spec. 300 – category II, required for the transport and handling of all instruments in the aviation industry.
Sales efforts are intensified and we are now located on both sides of Storebælt. Our new truck ads are presented. Our strategic collaboration with ESKO Artwork expands our sales opportunities in Norway!