A set of eyes on the package,

when you can no longer keep

an eye on it yourself.

Has the package been subjected to falls or shocks during transport? Or has it been tipped more than 90 degrees? Our innovative packaging accessories can answer these questions for you. 

Some shipments require greater care than others – for instance medical equipment or electronics. Farusa offers a number of solutions that help secure your product:

  • Tip N’Tell: An indicator that is mounted on the outside of the export shipment and reveals whether your shipment has been tipped more than 90 degrees. In addition, the warning label has a preventive effect and will reduce the risk of tipping the package.
  • Shockwatch: Reveals whether your package has been subjected to a fall or shock above a particular G impact. This way, your customer knows if the product may have been damaged before opening the package. Comes with preventive warning labels.
  • Tape and dispensers: We have a large selection of packaging tape in different qualities and sizes – we can even print your logo on the tape. If you need to use Heavy Duty packaging, we would recommend the strong PVC tape. And if you have to pack dangerous goods, you need the extra strong reinforced tape.

If you want to know more about our packaging solutions, you can contact us on +45 4434 0999 or at emballage@farusa.dk. We can meet digitally or in person, depending on what suits you best.

Read more about all our innovative packaging solutions below. 

Tape & dispensers

We have many sizes and qualities of packaging tape in stock. They are available with logo print – an effective way to highlight the company’s name during the product’s travel around the world.

Filament tape is much stronger but also more expensive than normal packaging tape. Filament tape is required on our UN 4GV dangerous goods boxes.

We have many types of dispensers for our many tape qualities – including a special one for the filament tape.

Tip N’ Tell

Tip N’ Tell is a tilt indicator that is mounted on the outside of your shipment. It reveals whether your box has been tipped more than 90 degrees.

Comes with a warning label which certainly also has a preventive effect!


Shockwatch reveals whether the shipment has been affected by different types of shocks of a certain G-force (defined by you). Using Shockwatch you can determine whether it is likely that your product has been damaged – even before the package has been opened.

The indicators are primarily used for electronics and other sensitive products where it is essential that circuit boards and components haven’t been damaged.

Handles and locking equipment

Good packaging can be made even better and easier to handle by investing in solid handles or closure devices. You can supplement your export packaging with, for example, fully or partially punched handle holes at the ends of the box or sophisticated locking mechanisms called Rotolocks for the WRA boxes.

HD Clips

Indispensable when you need to secure products inside the cardboard box.

Plastic boxes

The plastic boxes come from our own injection molds and are available in many different sizes. They are often used for fresh fish, fruits and vegetables. The storage and module boxes can be stacked safely and efficiently without damaging the contents and are available in different colors.

In collaboration with Combox, we have had the "Half box 6155" (in white) migration tested, and according to BEK 298 of 28/4/2008, the boxes comply with the requirement for a maximum migration of 10 mg/dm2 for the simulants water, 3% acetic acid and olive oil.

The box is approved for food according to EU regulation no. 2023/2006 and meets the GMP requirement. See the MIGRATION TEST. In the test, our “Half box” 6155 = MM95.