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The right packaging can make a big difference in your production. We offer a wide range of innovative Heavy Duty packaging solutions.
Farusa has many specialized products for several different industries. Everything from the flexible Fefco box types to WRA combination packaging. You can read about all the different forms of packaging below. In collaboration with you, we will find the solution that best matches your needs.

FEFCO 0200 with bottom flaps

This model is a box without top flaps and it is often used to pack multiple lighter products in the box. The quality and thickness of the box depends on the size of the box and how many kilos you need to pack – and especially how far the box is going to be shipped. Use a cap to complete the packaging (FEFCO 0452 or 0422).

FEFCO 0201 / Box with top and bottom flaps

This strong Heavy Duty cardboard construction ensures a tight, water-resistant export packaging. It is very popular due to its easy handling and incredible stacking strength.

The box is in one piece delivered flat and is easily erected and packed by you. It can be used for all types of products such as machine parts, electronics and instruments. The box is often used for air freight due to the low weight.

This box type can even be used for dangerous goods, if you use one of our many UN approved 4GV or 4G boxes.

FEFCO 0200 with top flaps

The model is a box without bottom flaps and fits on top of a specially designed wooden pallet with the topdeck retracted. The box is placed over the pallet, which can have a solid top or an open top that is adapted to the inside dimensions of the box. It is often used for heavy or large products.

Sometimes the products is attached to the topdeck of the pallet or placed in a specially designed foam insert.

FEFCO 0203

This model has fully overlapping outer flaps, that gives a super strong construction, which make it really stackable.

FEFCO 0204

This box has all 8 flaps that meet and close tightly towards each other. This ensures a flat surface in the bottom of the box so that your products don’t tilt during packaging.

This is a very strong construction.

FEFCO 0501 / Sleeve

The sleeve can be used for tall products and is lowered down on the product. The sleeve is placed on a wooden pallet with the topdeck retracted or in a bottom (Fefco 0452). The sleeve can be produced in many qualities – e.g. 3-layered Ancore 1200 AAA. Use a top cover to complete the packaging (Fefco 0452 or 0422) in a 10 mm thick HD quality: Ancore 310 AA, like the bottom.

The sleeve can also be delivered with front flap – which can make packaging easier – or with reversed score lines at the ends of the box, which makes it possible to fold the sleeve so that it takes up very little space – perfect for returnable packagings. The shipment is closed with tape and is secured with strapping tape.

FEFCO 0206

This model has attending inner flaps and fully overlapping outer flaps. This ensures 3 times more cardboard mass at the top and bottom. When using the Ancore 310 AA quality this means massive 30 mm of Heavy Duty cardboard.

FEFCO 0452

This is a cap or a bottom, that is most often used together with FEFCO 0200 or FEFCO 0501. It must be stapled or taped in the corners.

FEFCO 0300

This model consists of 2 pcs. of FEFCO 0452, one as a bottom and the other as a cap in a slightly larger size, so it can cover the bottom. Very suitable for flat products, which should be easy to pack.

FEFCO 0351

This model is most often used for packing bulk goods, ie. large batches of plastic granules, frozen vegetables, powder, meat, iron wire, etc. and can be stacked really high, even in a cold store.