Even if the box gets a beating,

your product is always well protected.

Farusa has a large selection of shock-absorbing inserts that can be designed or produced exactly to your product. Below you can read about what options you have for protecting your product during transport.
If you want a very effective and flexible shock-absorbing insert, we offer PackaZote – a black PE foam used for interiors of packages. We are responsible for the production and can therefore cut and adjust the insert in all sizes and quantities – exactly to your needs.
Read more about all our innovative packaging solutions below.

EPS packaging chips

Used as a cheap packaging material for all kinds of products. EPS is also available as plates, blocks or molded inserts.

Bonded foam

Bonded foam is a great foam granulation available in hardness from 100 kg/m3 to 220 kg/m3. We shape the foam exactly to your needs and adjust the hardness to the weight of your product.

The advantage with Bonded Foam is its ability to resist a lot of shocks without losing its shock absorbing ability.

Bonded foam is the best sustainable foam solution, because it is produced by production leftovers and scrap.

Polyether, polyester and PE-skum (Packazote)

If you need precise cuts then these qualities are very useful. They are available in different hardness and often give the product and the shipment a more exclusive look than with Bonded Foam.

Profile foam

Profile foam is often used for circuit boards, components and other fragile products. It is produced of polyether and polyester and the wave heights are adjusted to the product.

Profile foam works very well for products that are not too heavy and need to be held in place.

Foam is the icing on the cake

A very strong outer packaging is not always enough to protect a product fully against vibrations or shocks. We have many types of foam – for instance with fire inhibiting properties or antistatic agents – and you can choose an insert that matches your product.

Machine cut, pin cutting or water cutting – and maybe gluing – is used in the production process.