What is Heavy Duty cardboard?

Here is a simple guide

to an advanced product.

Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard is a particularly strong type of corrugated cardboard, which is suitable for export shipments. Below you can read more about the product's special properties.
Here are 5 key features of Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard.
  1. Strength: Heavy Duty corrugated board is generally characterized by its high load capacity. The strongest type of corrugated cardboard – ANCORE 3000 AAA – can be loaded with more than 6 tons. Even stronger solutions can be produced as needed.
  1. Weight: The weight spans from 1100 g/m2 to over 2500 g/m2. Heavy Duty cardboard packaging is many times lighter than the various types of wooden packaging that were previously used for export shipments.
  1. Thickness: Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard is available in different thicknesses and is produced in 2 and 3 layers of fluting. The most common thickness is 10 mm (type AA). The smallest thickness is 9 mm (type AC) and the strongest is 15 mm (type AAA).
  1. Durability: The weather-resistant type of Heavy Duty packaging is approved for overseas transportation by BSFV in Germany. It has a wet strength kraftliner that protects against rain and moisture. In addition, all Heavy Duty packaging has water-resistant glue in contrast to ordinary corrugated cardboard.
  1. Tests: Heavy Duty products have been thoroughly tested to very high standards and they meet current ISO standards. This applies, for example, to the “Edge Crush Test” (ECT), which is an expression of the packaging's edge pressure.
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