An easy solution

for a heavy cardboard box.

Our pallet runners are a simple and inexpensive way to support your Heavy Duty cardboard box – and you can expect savings on air freight.
If your box has become a little too heavy, you do not necessarily need to use a wooden pallet. Instead you can use our pallet runners, which we deliver with self-adhesive glue. They are glued under the box and ensure a high load-bearing capacity. The pallet runners can be placed so that they support either the length or the width of the box.
As an added bonus, the pallet runners will give you a saving on air freight as they weigh much less than a wooden pallet.
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Pallet runners in cardboard

If you don’t need a whole pallet we can deliver pallet runners instead. The pallet runners are constructed using strong cardboard tubes that guarantees a high load-bearing capacity. The weather-resistant wrapping ensures that the pallet runners can tolerate some degree of water and moisture. The pallet runners can easily be attached under the strong HD-boxes making them a light-weight alternative to wooden pallets.

The pallet runners are delivered with self-adhesive glue.