– There is a cheaper, easier and environmentally friendly alternative
Rising prices for wood and plywood make Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard an even more attractive alternative to traditional wooden packaging, plywood packaging and pallet frames.
There are several good reasons to break with habitual thinking when choosing an export packaging solution.
Plywood is a popular packaging solution for export shipments. It is a strong product, that has many uses. Plywood packaging works well at different temperatures and humidity, and it is lighter than solid wood. There´s just a “but”. Because there exits an alternative that is in many ways an even better solution – both in terms of weight, strength and economy.
One of the disadvantages of traditional plywood packaging is the fact that it is made of wood. This imposes some unavoidable limits. Even though plywood is lighter than solid wood, it is still a relatively heavy form of packaging. This makes it harder to handle when the customer´s products need to be packed. At the same time, plywood is more cumbersome for end users when they need to unpack the products, as well as when they need to dispose the plywood boxes – it is both heavy and time consuming - and plywood packaging cannot be recycled.
Can it be made a little easier?
Here it can be a really good idea to break with the habitual thinking and instead consider Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard. Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard is much lighter than plywood – in fact 50% lighter. This makes handling much simpler, and often the task can be done by only one person.
Due to the high stacking ability, the Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard transport boxes can be stacked all the way up to the ceiling. And as an added benefit, the boxes are delivered blank and therefore take up very little space in the warehouse. Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard can be tailored exactly as needed and will in many cases be a more flexible solution than plywood.
Is Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard really as strong as plywood?
Many people think that cardboard cannot possibly be as strong as plywood. But here, too, it may be a good idea to challenge your habitual thinking. Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard is available in thicknesses of up to 15 mm and with 3 fluting layers, which makes it an unusually strong product that can be loaded with more than 6 tons above. Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard is weather resistant, and therefore the product is protected from both wind and weather. It is also approved for overseas transportation, which often takes 6-8 weeks.
Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard has been thoroughly tested to very high standards so that it meets current ISO standards. This is your guarantee that the content will be really well protected right up to the final destination.
What about the economy?
The price of wood is on the rise – up to 200% - which is a challenge for companies that have traditionally used wooden packaging boxes and plywood packaging for their export shipments.
Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard is also affected by raw material price increases, but not at the same level, so with a changing to Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard, it is also possible to cut down on packaging costs.
The low weight of Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard also saves on transportation costs associated with air freight. Finally, there are also some economic benefits in the lower weight, which can save hours when packaging, since one person can the packaging alone.
What about the environment and sustainability?
Once wooden and plywood boxes have served their purpose, they are often deposited or at best burned. This is not very beneficial neither for the environment nor the sustainable profile. Fortunately, Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard also offers new thinking in the relation to the traditional solutions.
With Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard, the boxes can be reused many times and recycled 100% after use – and thus become new cardboard boxes. It is a green circle that is good news for the company´s environmental objectives.
Thus, there are many interesting considerations regarding a possible change from plywood packaging to Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard.
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