We not only care for your products.

We also care for the environment.

With our Heavy Duty cardboard packaging, it will be easier for you to achieve your environmental goals – without compromising on quality.
What does it mean to think green? One point is recyclability. If a product can only be used once, it is difficult to integrate it into an environmentally friendly production. That is why we have developed a product that can be reused many times over. In fact, several of our customers have been reusing our products for more than 10 years! Suddenly it becomes much easier to think green.
After use, our products can be recycled 100%, which gives you and your customers new ways to take care of the environment. Of course, the packaging can not always be used several times, but then it is important that it is so strong that it protects the product all the way, regardless of whether it is to be delivered on the other side of the globe.
It is our goal that our Heavy Duty packaging should have a long life, whether that is through reusing them many times or recycling them into new cardboard boxes. The boxes must be able to be used again and again by our customers and when they can eventually no longer be reused, the material must be able to recycled for the production of new packaging. In this way new natural resources are only used when absolutely necessary.
Environmentally friendly energy sources
At Farusa, we are constantly going a little further to make a difference. We received an “Energy Certificate”, which is a guarantee that our energy consumption comes from environmentally friendly energy sources. In addition, we are inspired by the UN's World Goals – for instance regarding responsible consumption and production. In this way we can all help to ensure a more environmentally friendly world for both current and future generations.
If you want to know more about Farusa's sustainable packaging solutions, you can contact us on +45 4434 0999 or at emballage@farusa.dk. We can meet digitally or in person, depending on what suits you best.