We leave nothing to chance.

And that’s no coincidence.

At Farusa, we always care about the smallest details to ensure the best quality. We are experts in developing tailor-made solutions that make a difference to our customers.
It's about good craftsmanship. Developing Heavy Duty cardboard packaging requires a great deal of knowledge and a desire to guarantee quality throughout the process – safety from start to finish.
We have many years of experience in developing Heavy Duty packaging to a large number of different companies – and we are specialists in finding the best match between packaging and logistics. Large or small, strong or fragile products
Strong on the outside – and the inside
Through our own production in Denmark, we can deliver a tailor-made solution that exactly matches your requirements. And in combination with our specially developed foam inserts, our Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard provides maximum protection for your products – inside and out.
If you want to know more about Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard, you can contact us on +45 4434 0999 or at emballage@farusa.dk. We can meet digitally or in person, depending on what suits you best.