More options,

fewer expenses.

Our Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard allows for cheaper transport and new handling options – that will strengthen your bottom line
Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard offers many new advantages when transporting your products to the recipient. One of them is the low weight. Cardboard packaging is 50% lighter than plywood packaging, which reduces the transport costs of air freight.
The lower fuel consumption is also good for the environment, as a large part of all modes of transport use fossil fuels. In addition, you do not need to invest in such large machines in the warehouse, as there will not be as heavy lifting with Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard.
Modes of transport
Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard can be used for all modes of transport – ship, truck, train and plane. Together with you we find the right type of Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard for your needs – and we decide on how the box should be designed. In this way, we help you make your transport as efficient as possible.
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