One of our major focus areas is dangerous goods packaging. We have extensive experience with this type of transport – and we know what to be aware of.
If you do not use approved packaging when transporting dangerous goods, problems can quickly arise – for instance freight company controls or airport controls. There may also be a risk of leakage – and compensations as a result. In addition, proper labeling of the products is important.
Farusa offers approved solutions that effectively ensure the safe transport of dangerous goods:
  • Specially developed dangerous goods boxes: We produce UN 4G and UN 4GV boxes in corrugated cardboard. The UN 4G box has been tested to a given weight – however, for liquid products, a selective test must be performed together with your product (this takes place at the Danish Technological Institute). The UN 4GV box is approved for almost all types of dangerous goods and does not require the selective test.
  • Vermiculite: This is the most versatile liquid absorber. It is an expanded stone that secures all liquid dangerous goods products – including flammable products. Vermiculite absorbs up to 5 times its own weight. 1 bag weighs 7,5 kg, so it can absorb up to 26 liters of liquid.
  • Alfob: An effective liquid-absorbent product that absorbs 100% of its own weight. Used for dangerous goods that are not flammable. Can also be used for suction of oils etc. in your production. This item needs to be ordered.
  • Labels: We have labels with all warning symbols and all types of hazard class symbols.
If you want to know more about our solutions for dangerous goods packaging, kan du kontakt os på +45 4434 0999 eller på emballage@farusa.dk. We can meet digitally or in person, depending on what suits you best.
Read more about all our innovative packaging solutions below.

Dangerous goods boxes

We produce a lot of dangerous goods boxes in corrugated cardboard, known as UN 4G and UN 4GV. We have a large assortment of dangerous goods boxes in stock in all possible sizes and with many different weight limits. If you can not find a box that suits you, we will be happy to produce the right size for you and your product – within the framework of our type approval.

For more information see “Knowledge about dangerous goods” below.


Good packaging is properly labeled. We have labels in stock with all warning symbols as well as all types of hazard class labels to be used for shipping dangerous goods. Available in rolls of 250 pcs.


Vermiculite is an expanded stone used to secure shipments of all dangerous goods products, incl. flammable products. Vermiculite absorbs up to 2.5 times its own weight.

Sacks of Vermiculite, which weighs approx. 8 kg, absorbs approx. 20 liters of liquid. In stock!


Alfob is a highly effective liquid-absorbent product that absorbs 100% of its own weight. It is used for dangerous goods shipments as well as for absorbing oils etc. in your production.

Alfob is made of cellulose fibers and can therefore not be used for shipping flammable products. Sold only in whole pallets!

Knowledge of dangErous goods
Many have been stopped at random control by their freight companies or at the airport, if they have not used approved packaging for dangerous goods products. If the packaging is not properly approved, there is a risk of leakage, which can involve high claims.
Imagine that your company had to compensate for the crash of a cargo plane because your goods were not properly packaged! There are four international sets of rules for the transport of the dangerous goods:
  • ADR (road transport)
  • ICAO/IATA (air transport)
  • IMDG (sea transport)
  • RID (rail transport)
These sets of rules follow the UN´s recommendations in the field of classification, labelling and packaging. The four sets of rules include, in its nine hazard classes, a little over three thousand substances, each with its own number – the so-called UN (United Nations) number.
As a manufacturer importer or exporter and thus a packaging and transport user, you of course also need to know the national rules of the country to which you send the goods. FARUSA has been producing standard and tailor-made boxes for dangerous goods for more than 25 years.
We are the only ones in Denmark who have had our packaging UN 4GV approved for dangerous goods.
This means, that you can now send dangerous goods legally without first having to do the mandatory SELECTIVE TEST, where your product is tested together with the type- approved 4G packaging.
The packaging is available in many standard sizes, all of which come with a plastic bag, but it can also be tailor-made.
The 4GV marking on the picture reads:
4GV / X34 / S / 20 DK / ETI-01008
  • UN – United Nations packaging symbol
  • 4GV – 4 means it is a box. G that it is made of solid cardboard or corrugated cardboard and the V means that is has already been tested with an internal product.
  • X34 – means that the total weight of this box (Gross weight) must not exceed 34 kg, however, the product weight (Tara weight) must not exceed 9 kg.
  • S – means ´solid´ i.e., solid substance.
  • 20 – is the year of production.
  • DK – is the country in which it is produced
  • ETI – means that it is the Danish Technological Institute – Packaging & Transport that has type-tested and type-approved the packaging and the number is the type-approval number.
FARUSA packaging is of course the manufacturer of the packaging. The picture shows a box that is approved for both 4GV and 4G according to the different packaging groups.
All industrial products which, in the basis of the concept of danger and on the basis of the list from the UN, can be classified with a UN number, must have a UN-approved packaging. UN recommendations for packaging include packages (packaging with contents) with a net weight of up to 400 kg
All packaging must bear markings which are placed in a place and in a size appropriate to the packaging so that they are permanent and easy to read.
Feel free to contact us, if you are in doubt about rules or packaging.